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Storage And Warehousing - Logistics Warehousing

Why use for storage and warehousing?

At you can advertise, warehouse and storage space, yards to rent, commercial property, workshops, warehousing for sale, or just a general listing of what you do, with a picture.

UK or throughout the EU!

Haulage and storage tend to go hand in hand within the transport industry, that is why we have incorporated a storage and warehousing and logistics warehousing section into the website. This works in the same way as the truck and van load section but instead of listing empty vehicles you can list empty warehouses, yard space etc.

Frequently asked questions:

I just have a small amount of freight requiring storage can help?


Small or large, it really doesn’t matter, we have many storage and warehousing companies on the site, from a small yard to a vast warehouse, just list online what you are looking for, or what you have to offer and let the website do the rest!

I need short-term warehousing/storage in Europe as well as the UK, does the site cover both?


There are many storage and warehousing and logistics warehousing companies registered with us located throughout Europe and the UK.

I want self-storage or to hire a storage container, does anyone offer that?


List your requirements online and companies/individuals will contact you with what they have available.

Here at we are aware of the need to be continuously updated if something new is listed. We therefore have the facility for you to sign up for email alerts and text messaging to your mobile phone. Never miss out again!

What do I do next?

  1. Register online, it takes 30 seconds and it’s FREE to become a basic member!
  2. Log in and click one of the various ‘List Storage Offer’ buttons on the site.
  3. List the details of your storage requirements and submit. 

That’s it! Once your details are listed you will be contacted by interested parties with various quotes/offers.

PLEASE NOTE: By listing your requirements on the site you are NOT committing yourself to accepting quotes.

For more information please email us using the link below


Add Offered Storage